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Check your delivery day schedule (new schedule for winter deliveries starts this week!)

Posted 11/5/2016 9:37am by Nate & Emily Parks.

Welcome to the official start of the 2017 season!  With a new season comes a new delivery schedule designed to make us more efficient!   

Writing a newsletter on Saturday morning instead of setting up a market booth feels a little strange but it is the start to our new normal! The kids are so excited Nate is here on a Saturday morning...weird for all of us!

Here's what to expect going forward:

  • online store will be open SATURDAY mornings to Monday mornings @ 8:00am for Tuesday/Wednesday deliveries and Thursday mornings @ 8:00am for Friday deliveries.
  • CSA newsletter/reminder will be sent Saturday mornings.
  • check the event calendar for a quick glance at delivery dates, days & times (the event calendar can also be found under the "contact us" tab on our website).

For your convenience, here's the new schedule at a glance!

Tuesdays: Indianapolis & Crawfordsville areas

  • Joe's Butcher Shop (Carmel)
  • St. Lukes Methodist Church (86th Street)
  • Blooming Life Yoga Studio *NEW* (downtown Zionsville)
  • Wildwood Market *NEW* (downtown Indy, Virginia Avenue)
  • Spyglass Ridge  *NEW* (Fishers, off 116th/I-69)
  • Wabash College (Crawfordsville)

Wednesdays: Kokomo, Logansport, Lafayette, West Lafayette

  • On Farm pickup
  • Dental Care (Kokomo)
  • Bodyworks Yoga Studio (Logansport)
  • Faith Church (East Lafayette)
  • Orchard Subdivision (West Lafayette)
  • University Farms (West Lafayette)
  • Nature's Pharm (Lafayette)
  • Bernadette's (downtown Lafayette)

Fridays: Indianapolis Area

  • Good Earth Natural Food Company (Broad Ripple)
  • more options to come

Saturday: November 12th & 19th ONLY 

  • Broad Ripple Farmer's Market

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Please Note: Winter deliveries are scheduled for every other week through January. We expect and anticipate that you will order accordingly - what does this mean?  It means you may order the amount you need for two week's of eating (within the parameters of your share type, of course!).  Our greens will last 10-14 days in your refrigerator, remember, and storage crops such as sweet potatoes, watermelon radish, carrots and squash have a great storage life. If you have questions on proper storage ask us!

*Winter egg shares begin this week! You will receive 2 dozen eggs on each delivery per share. 

CSA members you may LOGIN to place your orders here

*remember, the online store will close on MONDAY morning at 8:00am for Tuesday/Wednesday deliveries and THURSDAY morning at 8:00am for Friday/Saturday deliveries*




When everything outside is turning brown, everything inside our greenhouses aren't!  Here is a picture of the big house that is full of tender greens! What an awesome salad bar we have for you!


Delivery Day on 10/25/2017March 6th, 2017

We deliver to the following areas on Wednesdays: Kokomo, Lafayette/West Lafayette Logansport On Farm - Rossville

Delivery Day on 10/18/2017March 6th, 2017

We deliver to the following areas on Wednesdays: Kokomo, Lafayette/West Lafayette Logansport On Farm - Rossville

Winter delivery season has come to a closeJanuary 14th, 2017

We made it! Your Farmers made it! This week will be the last of our winter deliveries. Not to worry, however! We will resume weekly deliveries the first week of May. Winter greens and veggies have

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