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Welcome 2017 Season!

Posted 5/9/2017 11:00am by Nate Parks.

Welcome to the 2017 season and to our farm family!  

Farming is in full swing here at Silverthorn Farm and just as we expect every year, Mother Nature has already thrown us a few curve balls.  We think about how we as a farm crew/family handle these situations now as opposed to just 4 or 5 years ago, and we can’t help but be grateful.  Grateful for the experience that a well-seasoned group of dedicated people can bring to the table.

MEET OUR CREW:  As Emily and I approach our 11th year, we can reflect back on the last 10 of this farming adventure (and dream). Heather and Lorene Metzger are beginning their 5th season with us and the two of them run the greenhouse operations as well as lead the packing shed and CSA distribution. Brian Reed and Adrian Cordova, 3 and 4 year veterans, are our field and harvest crew leaders, and workhorses on the farm! If it is planted, weeded or harvested you can bet they have touched it.  We won’t leave out the other 5-6 folks who come in through the season to help us round out our outstanding production crew.

Farming is our life!

You’ll notice us talking about the weather...a lot.

Our work revolves around the weather...a lot.

We eat, sleep and breath weather...a lot.  

This year, the farm will have a bit more land in vegetable production than years before. We have an acre of protected greenhouse crops, including 3,500 tomato plants, 1000 cucumbers, 1200 bell peppers and a greenhouse full of basil, while the outdoor fields will total right at 25 acres, a slight increase from last season.  We were able to direct seed and transplant about 9 acres prior to the downpours of  rain we just received, and much more will be happening as soon as we dry out a bit...if we dry out!

This past Saturday was the first Saturday in 10 years that we weren’t getting up at 4 am to head to a farmer’s market! It feels incredible to have built our CSA and restaurant business to the point where we could walk away from market. Of course, most of our day was spent wondering how market was going! We will very much miss the customer interaction, all our world problem solving conversations with other farmers, and our Feta cheese!


Thanks to all those who have decided to be a part of our farm by joining our CSA membership program. With 317 members strong who span across central Indiana, we couldn’t be more excited for the year!

We have gotten through week one which is always the most stressful as we get back into routines and help all to understand our system and process for ordering and delivery.

Special events!  Look for many opportunities to come join us at the farm this summer as we put together some special events to help continue building community around this little farm. Remember, that Saturdays on the farm are a pretty awesome time to come out, enjoy the farm, and select your veggies in real time as opposed to online and make some memories of a place that you support with your membership! We look forward to seeing you!

Not sure how to eat some of your really good food you get from us?  We're here to help!

Eat your FRESH greens because they are full of raw enzymes that help you break down your food! Enjoy your greens, and your enzymes with this recipe!

Ingredients: Mixed salad greens, Crushed almonds, Feta cheese, Drizzle of lime Dressing: equal parts of non-GMO sesame seed oil & balsamic vinegarDairy Alternative-Cashew Feta (Dressing):1 Cup Cashews1 Lemon Juice1 Clove Garlic Real Sea Salt to tasteBlend and add water to soft crumble consistency


Our wholesale business has taken a bit of a turn in a positive direction as well. Over the winter we established a new business we are calling “Local Link”. Local Link, LLC is a distribution company that we have set up to distribute our products, as well as many other local producer's, into the restaurant and food service industries. We have been lucky  enough to establish some great relationships over the years with both those who buy food and those who produce it.  Now, we are in a position to link the two together in an effort to expand the availability and access of locally produced foods!   The lack of support and distribution of local foods into the local food system has long been a severe problem in our state. We decided that we couldn’t wait any longer for someone else to figure out a solution, so we are trying to...at least part of it anyway! 

Here's our sweet boy Max, who we lost last week after 11 years.  He was a fixture on this farm and loved everyone who came to visit as much as everyone loved him.  We'll miss him and we'll never forget him.  

Here's to eating clean and local this summer!

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