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Posted 10/23/2011 10:20am by Nate & Emily Parks.


Saturday morning was the end of most all of the tender crops. A hard frost settled in, a little later in the year than normal. What a great treat it was to have beans, peppers and tomatoes the last couple of weeks in October!
I can't help but feel a little relief as one season ends and another begins. Our work load definitely slows this time of year but does not stop. Our CSA members will still receive their fresh greens with a mid-week delivery and we will still participate in one Saturday market downtown Indianapolis; the Indy Winter Farmer's Market is being held in the City Market this year.

We do have some new arrivals here at the farm. On Monday we brought 9 little piglets home. Jensen helped us name the largest and the smallest of the group. Pork Chop would be the big guy and Pookie is the runt of the group. On Thursday Jensen went with Emily to pick up 300 baby chicks that will eventually give us those beautiful eggs that we all love so much. Everyone has settled in nicely. I had forgotten how much fun baby pigs can be, watching them eat the leftovers from harvest is great.  They devour kale, lettuce and radishes! I think that they may actually like all those veggies more than we do!

THIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO USE YOUR 2011 CSA CREDITS as they expire on October 31st.  Make sure and fill up on all of this week's offerings. Thanks for a great year and all the support each of you has given us here on the farm.

The 2012 season begins in 2 weeks; the week of November 6th will be the first delivery.  We will continue to promote our CSA program to as many folks as we can in the coming months. We have created brochures that explain our system, farm, and family. Your help is needed to spread the word!  The future of our farm is no doubt going to be supported by our community of CSA members. We will be adding as many new delivery locations as needed to make sure convenience is not a reason behind not joining a CSA. IF you are in a area that is not currently serviced by us, let us know and we will work to find a suitable time and location for delivery.

If you live in the Indianapolis area, the Indy Winter Farmer's Market will serve as the pickup location.  The market is on Saturday mornings from 9-12:30 and will be held indoors at the City Market.  We are currently looking into a pickup location on the north side which will also be on Saturday mornings as well.  We will share the news as soon as we reach a decision.

Thanks again for all your support.

Returning members click the link at the top of the page to renew

Enjoy the next two weeks...we will!
Nate, Emily & Jensen

Posted 10/16/2011 8:29am by Nate & Emily Parks.


Sounds like Wednesday and Thursday mornings are going to be the last days for the peppers and other tender summer crops, due to the weather. We have found a few beans that made it throught the first little frost, but I am sure this week will be the end of them as well. Broccoli, spinach, kale, kohlrabi and other fall brassicas will no doubt become sweeter in the next week.
Only two more weeks in the market season, please be sure to stop by your local market on Saturday mornings and support your local farmers!! Remember rain or shine, cold or hot, the market is always open.

Most of you are closing in on the last of your cash in the online account. This is great!  It seems our system has worked really well for everyone! We are excited to leave another season behind us and looking forward to a great year ahead.
*50% down reserves you another membership for the 2012 season with the remaining balance due on March 1st.*

We have a few tomatoes available for you this week. These are the ones that we pulled off of the last plants and have let ripen off the vine in boxes. They still have a great flavor, although not quite the same as the vine ripened gems of the summer. A few beans have made it through as well, so enjoy the last little bunch of them. Monday or Tuesday would be great days to come out and pick bulk for half price if anyone is interested in canning!  Beyond that, it is quickly becoming salad and greens season.

Nate, Emily and Jensen
Posted 10/2/2011 11:47am by Nate & Emily Parks.


Farm News:

Mr. Jack Frost decided to come early this fall. It is still a little early to see all of the problems that he may have caused out there, but looks like the beans, tomatoes and eggplant have had a pretty bad night. Thankfully we pulled as many tomatoes as we could find last night before they were hit, so we should have a decent supply for the next couple of weeks. Broccoli, kale, cauliflower, some late cabbage and kohlrabi took it all in stride and should have a bit more sweetness in their flavor this week. We will begin to harvest brussel sprouts next week; unfortunately it looks like we will harvest them off of the stalk this year as opposed to the normal whole stalk product we are used to. Spinach will finally be ready next week as well. This will be from our third planting this fall, the first two just would not germinate in the heat, so they were plowed under and reseeded once again. There's a beautiful week ahead of mid to upper 70's during the day and mid 50's at night perfect weather that will hopefully be around for a while. It's funny how this usually happens; one small frost and then perfect growing weather for a few more weeks.

We've had a lot of questions this week about the egg shares, so I would like to explain the situation a little more. We are planning on having eggs available all year. We are also planning on replacing the entire flock over the winter; this means at some point I will not have nearly the supply as normal. I am not making an individual egg share available because I am not prepared to say that we will for sure have them every week at all times. I know the girls have made some of you addicts to their amazing eggs, and we don't want to be without them either. But the economics are saying that we have to replace the girls with some younger more productive dames. Members will always have first priority to them, and if we are short non-members will be the ones to lose out that week.


There is a possibility we will be adding a pick up site in Monticello and as well as Carmel this winter.  For pick up this winter in Lafayette, we have the option of utilizing the current West Lafayette location at Calvary Baptist Church or a Lafayette location at Great Harvest Bread Co.  Please send us your feedback as we have not yet decided on a location. 
Jerry and Janet Lecy of G.H.B have also just purchased the Great Harvest Bread franchise in Carmel and we are looking to make that the next Indianapolis area drop off site.
Looking for a site near you or to host a site? Let us know we are always looking to expand.

Have a great week
Nate, Emily and Jensen

Posted 9/25/2011 9:40am by Nate & Emily Parks.



It's hard to believe that we are in the final month of the 2011 season. Our focus has been on pulling in all of the storage crops of winter squash, sweet potatoes and the last few rows of potatoes, along with nurturing all of those tasty fall greens.

This is also the time of year that we open up CSA memberships for the 2012 season.  Deliveries begin the second week of November....we are taking a week off! There are some changes to the program that we will outline, but the basic idea and system that we used this year will stay the same.
After you sign up, your membership is active and ready to be used immediately. This winter we will have plenty of greens available to get you through those cold weather blues that are sure to come. We will have plenty of sweet potatoes and butternut squash stored for you as well.
The price of the shares are as follows: $525.00 for the full share and $325.00 for the half share. This year, we are giving you the option of activating your account with only 50% down. You will gain access to the online store as soon as you sign up. The final payment will be due March 1st.

Eggs can be purchased through the online store as we have them available. There will not be a separate egg share available this year. With variable winter production and changing numbers within the flock, we know this is the best way for us to make them available to you. We will post the quantity that we have each week and they will be available on a first come, first serve basis.
Delivery times and days will stay the same for the winter, with the exception of Lafayette Farmer's Market and Carmel Farmer's Market, which are both ending the last week of October.
We are actively looking for new host sites. If you are in an outlying area that we are not delivering to at this time let us know. We can give you a discount on your share price to host a pick up, but will need at least 5 members picking up in any one location.
Meats will be available throughout the year, selection will depend on supply as we are working with This Old Farm to help move some of their local products. We are always looking for ways to help connect you with local producers of specialty items that may be difficult to find. If you have any suggestions of products you would like to see available please let us know.




Posted 6/20/2011 8:45pm by Nate & Emily Parks.

ORDER VEGGIES HERE http://www.silverthorn-farm.com/store/384
ORDER CHICKEN HERE http://www.silverthorn-farm.com/store/383


One of our goals for this year has been to have tomatoes in June. This past week I was able to share one of my favorite moments with Jensen. We ate the first ripe tomato together. It was a beautiful Sungold cherry tomato. It has always been the best the most satisfying fruit of the year for me. All the planning, planting, pruning and trellising finally paying off. To be able to start that little tradition with Jensen was really impactful for me. How great it is to know that he is surrounded by plentiful, healthy food, and involved with a type of agriculture that few people get to know. Who knows what his passion will be as he grows, but knowing the simple pleasure of eating the first tomato of the year with his Daddy will surely influence and encourage him for a lifetime. I still think we are two weeks away from a significant harvest, but wow, is the fruit set heavy and the plants healthy! We have four high tunnels full of tomatoes this year, and all of them should really start to hit about the last week of June...can't wait!  Every time we see any of our customers, that is one of the main questions, 'when are the tomatoes going to be ready'? No matter how early we push the envelope of production, it still seems like we should have them sooner.
The summer squash have started producing in the field and the cucs and melons are in full bloom, which is an encouraging sign after our total loss of the two major items last year. We will no doubt be one of the last to market with sweet corn, late July or early August for us this year but then we should have it through late September with a nice supply. We'll have potatoes in two week, although I must admit Emily made some incredible new peas and potatoes last week, but it took digging up 5 or 6 plants to have enough potatoes for a mess...."patience Parks"....as my Dad would always tell me.

One other development this past week has been the addition on the Crawfordsville Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings...Yes, that meant that we are crazy enough to be doing three markets on Saturdays. Our two ambitious helpers on the farm have decided that they would like to give it a shot, so we will be sending a somewhat limited amount of product with them until  we determine the demand there for our product.  Make sure and stop by to see Eric and/or Alex this coming weekend and tell them what a great job they are doing!!


As promised, we have chicken available for you this week. You have two options to choose from. All of the meat products we will be offering for sale will be pasture raised, but the difference will be in the feed. We have both certified organic fed chicken available from Ben Zook, an Amish producer in Parke County and naturally fed non-GMO chicken from John Mark Stolzfus, another Amish producer in Parke County.  For reference, the chicken that we have raised in the past were fed the non-GMO grains.  This brings the price down because of the high price of feed. The difference would be that the non-GMO corn and/or beans in the feed ration could still have a synthetic fertilizer and some sort of herbicide used in its production, where as Organic grains have no synthetics or other non-certified organic treatments.

Dinner deliveries by The Juniper Spoon are a big hit!  The next delivery is on June 27th.  The menu is as follows:

Summer squash Risotto with parsley/basil pesto.
Maple syrup-glazed carrots with fresh tarragon
Red & Green Salad with strawberry mint vinaigrette
Artisian bread
For dessert? Raspberry fool.

Remember to please bring a check made out to The Juniper Spoon at the time of delivery.  At that time, we will credit your CSA account the $33. 

The good news for our Crawfordsville area CSA members is that they can utilize their online cash to by any extras at the market. Just stop by our stand at the market, pick up what you want and we will manually add it to to your account.  Don't expect our full lineup at the Crawfordsville market just yet. We have to make sure that we have a demand for the product before we send too much.

We have been getting a lot of feedback about our new CSA model; plenty of excellent thoughts and ideas. The one thing that has had the biggest impact on us has been that you, as well as us, miss the interaction that we had last year. Making the connection between us, your farmer, and you, our supporter, should be top priority.
Our solution will be a monthly farm walk. The first one being Saturday early evening July 23rd.  This will be very informal.  Please come out to the farm anytime after 5pm and enoy a walk around the greenhouses and fields.  We can build a campfire, and just generally enjoy the place that you all are helping build.

Have a great week
Nate,Emily and our little tomato, Jensen

Posted 6/12/2011 10:24am by Nate & Emily Parks.



The blistering pace of a vegetable farm in June is really hard to describe. If you have ever had a garden, you know that you are literally watching everything grow each day. Keeping up with weeding, planting, trellising, picking, mulching, watering, and selling 20 acres of vegetables is a huge task.
Our thanks go out to two really great people that are helping us on the farm this year; we could not do it without them. Eric Cruz just graduated from high school this spring and will be off to college in August.  He started with us in March and is responsible for almost every seed getting planted in the greenhouse along with thousands of plants set by hand on the transplanter.  Alexandria Gasaway started with us May 20, she came to the farm when we were in a all out sprint to get caught up, and has never missed a beat.  Between the two, they have set more than 10,000 plants in the ground, spent long 12 hour days helping harvest, hand weeded acres, mulched tomatoes, peppers, eggplant...I could go on and on!  So thanks for all the hard work, you two are great!

The summer squash and cucumbers that we have planted in the field are about 2 or three inches long this week, I would say next week there will be enough to offer.  The greenhouse cucumbers have died; unfortunately, bacterial wilt carried by the cucumber beetle wiped them out. We saw the first signs last Wednesday and by this morning nothing is left. The zucchini that are in the same greenhouse continue to look amazing but produce very small fruit. You may have noticed how tiny the zucs have been. Generally you have to pick them every couple of days to keep a reasonable size. These guys will get about 4 or 5 inches long and stop, finally rotting the tips if we keep them on to long. I am pretty sure it is excess nitrogen from the chickens this past winter, who spent a couple of months in this greenhouse. Another lesson learned.
We have an incredible amount of peas both snap and shell this week. Let us know if you would like a large order to freeze for the winter.


This week we add beets, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi and a few more herbs to the mix along with shell peas. Make sure to pick up your order each week. If you place an order and then cannot pick up for some reason, please call me 765-230-0735. If you order and then decide not to pick up the products that we have planted, weeded, picked, washed and delivered to you then you will forfeit that order and your account will still be charged. As mentioned before, if you would like a bulk order of peas, either we pick or you pick, send us an email!

For those of you who ordered a dinner delivery from The Juniper Spoon, it will be delivered this Wednesday at pickup.  Please have a check made out to The Juniper Spoon at time of delivery. 


Nate, Emily and Jensen

Posted 5/23/2011 9:58pm by Nate & Emily Parks.
Hungry for our fresh veggies but not sure how to put them together into a meal? Try a dinner delivery from the Juniper Spoon.
We have known Lali Hess from the Juniper Spoon (A top knotch local foods Caterer here in Darlington)
for a few year now. She has always used any product that we have available for her events and dinner deliveries. To take our partnership even further we are going to make her Prepared dinner's, that feed two generously available at all of our pick up locations. The meals cost $33.00 each, and at this time they will not be eligable to use your CSA credits. You can order online the week prior to delivery, and you will write a check or cash to The Juniper Spoon. Order by Friday evening for the following weeks delivery.
I am telling you, These girls can cook and it is no doubt worth the price. Here is what is on the menu for next week.

Order here

Goat Cheese & Spinach Tart

                With Belteros Goat Ranch goat cheese

                Spinach and Scallions from Tranquil Ridge Farm

                Bacon from Ellington Family Farm, cured by This Old Farm Meats and Processing

Grilled Zucchini with Balsamic Reduction and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

                Zucchini from Tranquil Ridge Farm

Cucumber Gazpacho

                Cucumbers from Tranquil Ridge

                Green Garlic and Fresh Herbs from Winterwood Garden

Rhubarb Gallette

                Rhubarb from Tranquil Ridge Farm

                Eggs from This Old Farm

Meadow Mint Tea Concentrate

                Mint from Winterwood


Lali Hess

The Juniper Spoon



Posted 5/22/2011 11:36am by Nate & Emily Parks.



The greens are blowing up this week and look and taste great! We have been eating kale and arugula about every day, trying to get our fix. Kale is one of those greens that we promote often, not just for the great taste and versatility that it offers, but also the nutritional value it brings to your diet. Still one of our favorite things to do with this green is saute it with garlic and onion (and whatever else!), lay it over a bed of pasta and toss with some Feta cheese. 
Jensen ate his first, second, third, etc. strawberry out in the field this week.  I am pretty sure he would eat the whole patch if we let him. The size looks to be a bit smaller this year, which of course translates into less total pounds. But the taste is as good as it has ever been.  Nothing like a totally ripe berry fresh off the vine.  Broccoli is getting closer, as well as peas.  Carrots, beets and green onions need about three more weeks and then we should be set for the year. Our early green beans are doing well, but the size of the actual planting is fairly small so quantities are pretty limited. Cucumber and zucchini are starting to come on, but also a fairly small first planting. Our earliest tomatoes are beginning to size up, which leads me to believe that by the end of June we should be harvesting the first of my favorite summer treats!


 The mystery item will stay with us again this week. The beans, cucumbers and zucchini are all coming on slow and not enough to fill everyone's separate orders of any one type. We hope to have berries for you next week, but you never know, there just may be a few to go out in the mystery item.
As always, make sure that you get a CONFIRMATION EMAIL from us after you order, otherwise we do not have your order!  Please remember when you order your item to pick the appropriate pick up site for that week. The Carmel pickup site is now available, as the market has officially began. Deliveries may be picked up there from 8-11:30 am on Saturdays. If you have not checked out the new Palladium, this could be a great little outing for you to come and see us.

Thanks and Have a great week
Nate Emily and Jensen

Posted 5/1/2011 11:48am by Nate & Emily Parks.


There's hardly any reason to mention that it is very wet here. But that is what we are dealing with, and it is really slowing planting, growth of plants and germination down. We will have lettuce and spinach available these first two weeks. I do think that kale, radishes and strawberries will be coming on by mid-to late May. We are begining to see the first cucumber and zucchini fruits in our high tunnels as well as the first tomato and green bean blooms!  I feel pretty confident that you will see the diversity of product really ramp up by the time June hits. Hope for dry weather as we have nearly two greenhouses full of plants that need set outside LAST WEEK!!


Now for the important information...how in the world does all this csa delivery and ordering work??
We have had lots of questions and a little confusion on how the ordering and pick-ups will work.  If you're unsure, email or call us if you have any doubts about what is going on. We are here to help and make this process easy for everyone involved.
If you have not done so already, make sure that you set up a password; here's the link:  http://www.silverthorn-farm.com/login_lostpassword.
This password will be associated with the PRIMARY user on your online account. The PRIMARY user's email has the balance available for you to use with each account.  By default, we have used the account that you designated your primary email.

Now, the ordering part. We will open the store each week no later than Sunday Morning and it will remain open until Tuesday at 9am.  Before or after these hours, you will see that there are no products in the inventory.  Our online store is used specifically for you, our members and not the general public. That is the reason for specific times that it is open as well as the use of passwords to buy the product instead of cash or paypal.

The store is located under the Buy Our Products tab. You can choose which department you want to shop from: eggs, veggies and meat.  At this time, you can order extra eggs and veggies. We are working with This Old Farm to bring you some local grassfed meats which will be available in the coming week. Also, Great Harvest Bread Co. has talked with us about offering his product to you as well, so look for a tab for bread coming soon. We are still working out the details on this because since he bakes fresh daily, the coordination between your orders and our pick up and delivery times might be a little tricky.


Summer egg shares officially start this week. If you have a full share, you will get a dozen eggs each week. If you have a half share, you will get your first dozen this week and then every other week. We welcome anyone's extra egg cartons!!!

Each time you place an order you have to select the location where you will be picking up that product. You can choose from any location for the week whether it is Wabash College, West Lafayette or downtown Lafayette, Carmel Farmer's Market (beginning May 21st) and Eli Lilly Corporate headquarters, in Indianapolis (beginning June 1st).  Know that if you do not place an order, you will not have a box to pick up. The only exception to that rule is if you purchased an egg share.  You will automatically get your eggs weekly or bi-weekly depending on the size of share you purchased.


We will be using the back room of the Chapel for your boxes this year. Since we are not setting up our stand this year, it makes sense for us to leave your veggies in a tote with your name on it. You can come and pick up your veggies between the hours of 4pm and 6pm WEDNESDAY evenings. Please bring your own bags to take the veggies home in and leave the totes for us to pick up and re-use for the following week. The totes are nestable and can be left by the window sill on the east wall. The room we are talking about is accessible through the door on the south east corner of the chapel, right off of the parking lot that we have been using in the past.
Email or call us with any questions.


We are using the parking lot at Calvary Baptist Church on 310 Kalberer Road. My dad, Mike, will be delivering the shares most days. Pick up time will be from 4:30-6pm. Here again, please bring bags with you to take your shares home in. Again, we will set up in the parking lot.

You can select to pick up your veggies at the downtown market on Saturday mornings 8am-12pm. Our booth is on the east side of the street in front of the Knickerbocker Saloon, which is in the middle of the block. Please know that if you choose to pickup at the market, you can buy extra product at our market stand and have it charged to your account. But also understand that if you do not place an order in advance, we do not know you are coming or what you want and therefore will not be able to save product for you. So make sure and place your order and then when you stop by and happen to see something else you like we can easily add it on for you.

Carmel delivery will be available beginning May 21st, the opening day of market.  Please know that if you choose to pickup at the market, you can buy extra product at our market stand and have it applied to your account.  But also understand that if you do not place an order in advance, we do not know that you coming or what you want and therefore will not be able to save product for you.  Please make sure to place your order so when you stop by and you see something else you like, we can easily add it on for you.

Our Wednesday market begins June 1st from 2:30-5:30pm, and deliveries will begin on that date.

                              Come out to the farm
                               Thurday 10am-7pm
                               Friday    10am-7pm
                               Saturday  2pm-7pm

Have a great week,
Nate,Emily and Jensen

Posted 4/24/2011 8:30pm by Nate & Emily Parks.


Happy Easter means spring is here! One of the great benefits of winter is how amazing mother nature looks in the spring. It always lifts my spirits when all the brown and gray of winter starts turning into the green of spring.
If you were thinking about us Tuesday evening, thank you. We are incredibly lucky to have made it through the night with little to no damage, while neighbors just north and west of us lost barns, grain bins and trees. With six plastic covered greenhouses out there in the wide open, one has a little bit harder time sleeping on nights like that.
The rains are delaying some key plantings, so the greenhouse and one of then unheated houses are really overflowing. But what has been planted is looking good all things considered. Looks like we may have a chance this weekend to get some more plants out.


Saturday, April 30th is the first market of the year for us this year. So we tried to enjoy this last weekend off until November. The Lafayette downtown market will open this weekend from 8am -12:30 pm, hope to see you there. Plenty of fresh lettuce and spinach, green onions and rhubarb will be available. We will also have tomato, pepper, and herb plants available as well.


New to the farm this year, Emily has been working hard on some pretty incredible hanging baskets. The perfect gift idea for Mother's Day, which is coming up on May 8th. We have nearly 200 hanging baskets to choose from. There are two ways to get your hands on them...come to the Lafayette Market on Saturday, May 7th, or come out to the farm and pick the perfect one!!
The Greenhouse will be open:
THURSDAY MAY 5th 3-7pm
FRIDAY MAY 6th 8-7pm
SATURDAY MAY 7th 3-7pm

Baskets are $20.00 each at the Market or $17.00 here at the farm.

We are delivering the last of the Winter Egg shares this week Tuesday 4-6pm at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, and Wednesday 4-6pm at Great Harvest Bread in Lafayette. If you are a CSA member and would like to order spinach, green onions, rhubarb or lettuce mix, make sure and do so by Tuesday morning at 8 am.  Here's a link:

Have a great week
Nate, Emily and Jensen

Delivery Day on 10/25/2017March 6th, 2017

We deliver to the following areas on Wednesdays: Kokomo, Lafayette/West Lafayette Logansport On Farm - Rossville

Delivery Day on 10/18/2017March 6th, 2017

We deliver to the following areas on Wednesdays: Kokomo, Lafayette/West Lafayette Logansport On Farm - Rossville

Winter delivery season has come to a closeJanuary 14th, 2017

We made it! Your Farmers made it! This week will be the last of our winter deliveries. Not to worry, however! We will resume weekly deliveries the first week of May. Winter greens and veggies have

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