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Farm History

Silverthorn Farm, owned and operated by Nate & Emily Parks, is a small, diversified vegetable and small animal farm located on 120 acres of land in northern Clinton county, near Rossville.  In 2006, the farm became a farm in Montgomery County beginning with only pumpkins and melons the first two years on about 5 acres of land. Now, more than 40 different types of vegetables with 200+ varieties are grown on 25 acres of vegetable production.

The farm has been in Emily's family for generations. 280 acres north and east of Rossville was originally purchased by William Silverthorn (a great, great, great grandfather) back in 1864, nearly 150 years ago.  120 acres remain and will continue be kept in the family and farmed as it once was. For decades it had been cash rented and farmed conventionally. We feel honored and blessed to be able to farm this piece of land and restore the farm's original name.

Nate was lucky enough to be able to grow up on a highly diversified farm as a kid. Both grandfathers, his dad and uncle were farmers. Dad and Grandpa farmed together while he was growing up; raising cows, pigs, hay, beans, seed corn, wheat, oats and even melons for a short time. He has always remembered how well that farm worked with itself; a sort of closed loop system of plants feeding animals, and animals feeding plants.  All of this made the decision to become organic farmers a very easy one for us. We know the benefits to all things on our farm when they work in harmony together.  The confidence in knowing that our food is unspoiled or contaminated by synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or any other “cides” makes our food even more special to us.




Delivery Day on 7/6/2017June 23rd, 2017

Due to the holiday, we will be delivering to the following delivery locations today: Wabash College, Crawfordsville Dental Care, Kokomo Bodyworks Studio, Logansport University Farm, WL The Orchard, W

Summertime at SilverthornJune 13th, 2017

  Each morning begins with a cup of coffee and a walk around the field with our new pup Josie. The life and energy felt from the plants growing in those fields from day to day is truly

CILANTROJune 9th, 2017

Cilantro is one of those amazing foods that do wonders for your body. Like removing heavy metals! Some of the most common warning signs that you are struggling with heavy metal toxicity include: Chro

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