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Sit back and enjoy a glimpse of life on on our farm. 

RaddichioBig house winter productionHannahMicahBrussels Sprouts as tall as us!the first ripening tomato!the first of the apple treesthe orchard just establishedTomatilloCubanelleHungarian Hot Wax pepperCeleriac (celery root)Ancho Poblano pepperharvesting wheatonion startsspinach under row coverLettuce seedlingsTomatoes!Lettuce, kale, & oregano seedlingsOnionsWhole grain, rolled oatsWhole, organically fed, pastured chickenParsleyCabbageRed bulb onionHeirloom tomatoesGouda raw milk cheeseHavarti raw milk cheeseFarm StoreMonterray Jack raw milk cheeseTarragonMintOreganoYellow wax beans Maj purple potatoesLocal, farm raised salt water shrimpSweet cornMozzarella raw milk cheesePepperjack raw milk cheeseSwiss raw milk cheeseCheddar raw milk cheeseColby raw milk cheese Wildflower honey 1lbClover Honey 1lbPure Maple Syrup 12ozPure Maple Syrup 8ozYukon Gold Potatoes6/24/2013 flight picChecking crops with DaddyRed RomaineGreen butterheadHere come the squashRooftop viewFarm signHakurei salad turnipgreen onionsearly tomatoesVegetables and weeds growing wellFloating strawberriesone of three Potato fieldsSweet potato and melon fieldRed RomaineRed Sails head Lettuceview from the top of the houseHere we are, rolling up ground coverJensen & MacyButtercup squashRed CabbageSweet Bell peppersTomatoesCarmen Italian pepperOkraSpaghetti squashDelicata squashAcorn squashPie PumpkinSun Gold cherry tomatoRed Cherry tomatoJapanese EggplantCubanelle pepperShishito sweet pepperZephyr summer squash"Magenta" dark, red leaf lettuceWhite Bulb onionPickling CucumbersGreen Butterhead lettuceHouse on the moveGreen Romaine head lettuceSweet PotatoesWatermelon RadishBrussel SproutsTomatilloJalapenoHungarian Hot Wax pepperRed Pontiac potatoZucchiniTendersweet cabbageEggplantGarlicFennelKohlrabiSwiss ChardYellow Summer squashZephyr summer squashCucumberWax BeanGreen BeanYukon Gold potatoGreen kaleBeetsCarrotsBeetsPeasCabbageSavoy cabbageKohlrabiCauliflowerCilantroDillSwiss ChardSugar Snap peasBasilBroccoliArugulaMixed Spicy GreensTuscan KaleKaleFresh herbsEaster Egg RadishFrench Breakfast Radishseedling greenhouseHanging BasketsCut leaf lettuceCherokee head lettuceGreen Rapids head lettuceFirst batch of chicks are here!Family photo January 2010CeleryCarrotsSummer VeggiesJensen Michael Parksstorm damage June 2009storm damage June 2009storm damage June 2009storm damage June 2009Strawberry feeding frenzy!moving the "chick inn"snap peaszephyr squashMax, the guard dog!Look at everything grow!tomatoes...by July 4th?! look at all those tomatoes!Rocky the RoosterNate, plowing away!Early lettuceThe new "Chick Inn"Chicks enjoying their new homePre-planted raised beds"What's going to be planted in this bed?"taking a walk with the boysCodaMaxA view from afarHilltop viewhere, we are just getting started planted seeds.Nate and EmilyThe Boys

Delivery Day on 7/6/2017June 23rd, 2017

Due to the holiday, we will be delivering to the following delivery locations today: Wabash College, Crawfordsville Dental Care, Kokomo Bodyworks Studio, Logansport University Farm, WL The Orchard, W

Summertime at SilverthornJune 13th, 2017

  Each morning begins with a cup of coffee and a walk around the field with our new pup Josie. The life and energy felt from the plants growing in those fields from day to day is truly

CILANTROJune 9th, 2017

Cilantro is one of those amazing foods that do wonders for your body. Like removing heavy metals! Some of the most common warning signs that you are struggling with heavy metal toxicity include: Chro

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