Thanksgiving is here!

Greenhouse in November

It always comes so fast and it’s hard to believe. Our fields are mostly harvested now and put to rest. The coolers and freezers are full and the greenhouses are as vibrant as they have been in years! Our work these days is all around washing, bagging, picking and packing. Our crew is much smaller than usual for us and that means we need to do at least some washing and packing each day in order to stay ahead of the rush on our main pack days (Monday and Thursday).

In the midst of all this harvest and packing we’ve been doing in November I couldn’t help but think back just 5 years ago when we decided to move our house to this new place and being so happy that we had made it to the end of October with enough product to sell! It is hard to believe that not so long ago having local vegetables throughout the winter seemed far fetched, now it feels like a given and even an expectation for us.

It takes a few years to build up infrastructure, knowledge and markets, with farming you only have one shot per year at each season. Record keeping, attention to detail and persistence are a must if you are to push yourself ahead of the curve. After thinking backwards – how exciting is it to look forward into the next 5 years! Think about where we will be as a farm and as a community that have all grown together to create a more sustainable food system that fits all of us in our own local context! I think that is what gets us going more than anything else! The opportunity to really create a sustainable local food system. Emily and I have been blessed to be in the midst of this movement for the past 12 years, which means that we have been able to see all of these local food producers grow and prosper right alongside of us. There are so many great things going on in Indiana with local food producers and we can’t wait to make it easy for you to access their products.

Our 2018 planting season has begun, the garlic crop is tucked into the cool soil for the winter. And, we are already knee deep in records from this and previous years to start refining plans for 2018.

What food do you want to see from us the most? Are there crops we are not growing anymore that you would like to see back or crops that you would like to see more of? Contact us and let us know what’s on your mind.