Time is flying by this winter and already the 2018 season has begun.

As we wind down our winter vegetable distribution, we begin the planning, planting and work of the new year. I must admit it is one of the toughest times of the year for me. Sitting in an office with mountains of paperwork and endless spreadsheets is not my favorite activity, but it must be done.

Our production area of the farm is split up into 116 ⅓ of an acre blocks, each block contains 8 beds 6 feet wide for a total of 928 beds. Every bed will be planted at some point throughout the year, some will be planted 2-3 times. Either vegetables or cover crops, each block and bed will have it’s own spreadsheet to tell us exactly what gets planted and when to plant and harvest it. A daunting task that take both hard production and sales numbers from the past along with a bit of guess work for how the upcoming season will play out.

We are at the beginning of the early seeding schedule in the greenhouse so I need to have both the seeds on hand as well as the production schedule for the seedling house ready to go so that everyone knows what needs to be planted each day. But first we have to work backwards beginning with sales projections, then to production area and timing, then we can determine the type and number of plants needed  and when we should start the seed in the greenhouse!

Thankfully the plan just moves and changes a bit from year to year so it’s not a total redo. But the reality is that we have to nail the plan as tight as we can in order to have successful season. It can feel like high stakes gambling at times!

We will shut down the store and vegetable deliveries until most likely late March or early April when greens production will return and the weather has moderated a bit.

Thank you for all for being a part of the farm. 2018 will be a great season for Silverthorn and we are excited to bring you the best local food Indiana has to offer this summer!