Silverthorn Member Story: Stephen Morillo

There are a lot of reasons to join a CSA. In fact, every member of Silverthorn Farm has their own story to tell. So, I’ve been getting nosy and asking members to share their thoughts about just why being a part of Silverthorn is so important to them.

Meet long-time member Stephen Morillo. My first question to Stephen was, “How did you become interested in locally grown, organic food and sustainable farming?”

“General interest in environmental issues, plus some reading, made me and my wife interested in such things,” Stephen notes. “We meet our RDAs of pesticides way too easily!”

As it turns out, the timing of their interest was perfect. “It seems to me that Nate and Emily just kind of showed up with their weekly mini-market outside of Baxter Hall (Wabash College years ago.) We enthusiastically started buying and have stuck with them. It was a matter of interest and opportunity coming together. Then our experiences with Nate and Emily’s products convinced us that this was indeed the way to go, as much as possible.”

In a world where commercially available produce often takes days, possibly weeks to arrive at retail destinations, farm-fresh food can be a revelation. “Vegetables that come to you so fresh just taste better,” says Stephen, “and the product that totally sold us was the farm eggs. It’s not just that they’re far more humane to the chickens, but they have so much more flavor and a richer color to the yolks! We LOVE our Silverthorn egg shares!”

Of course, there are other benefits. Stephen says that becoming Silverthorn members has “encouraged us to eat even more greens and salads. Mostly, Silverthorn gave us a good organic source for the things we wanted to eat anyway.” He adds, “and we’ve never had a problem with consuming what we get because we’ve spent most of our years with Silverthorn while raising three kids.”

I asked Stephen about his favorite foods from Silverthorn. His answer included additional kudos for the eggs (“You just can’t beat fresh farm eggs for breakfast”), and he says, “we also love many of the greens.” He also enjoyed okra from Silverthorn, but wistfully notes that okra is difficult to grow in large quantities, isn’t a popular vegetable, and so isn’t among the regularly available products.

Which brings up an important point. Silverthorn crops are driven to some extent by member support; the more members there are, the more everyone gets to enjoy their favorites—another terrific reason for all of us to share our Silverthorn stories and encourage others to join in the goodness!

I asked Stephen if he could sum up his experience with Silverthorn in one spread-the-word-worthy statement. “Great food at a great price for what you get, and all conveniently delivered to a pick-up near you! Totally worth it, and Nate and Emily and their kids are wonderful folks too. Keep up the great work!”

About the Author:
Lorrie Wehr is a freelance writer, blog contributor and Silverthorn Farm member