Oven Baked Chicken Legs


10 Hawkins Farm chicken legs

1 large Silverthorn sweet onion

2 cloves Silverthorn garlic

3 Tbsp homemade mayo

grassfed butter

himalayan salt



Blend sweet onion all in food processor until it turns into a smooth paste. Then toss in garlic cloves, mayo and a tsp of salt, blend until garlic is diced well.

Next, sprinkle chicken legs generously with salt on all side and put all of them in a large mixing bowl. Pour onion paste over the legs and mix well. Marinade the chicken covered and in the fridge for 6 or so hours.

Once chicken legs are finished marinading, preheat oven to 450 degrees F and place chicken on a lightly buttered (oiled) baking pan.

Baked on one side until golden brown and flip to golden the other side. Once chicken has been golldened on both sides check temperature- continue cooking chicken legs until internal temperature reaches160 degrees F.

Once chicken legs are done remove from oven or lightly broil both sides of chicken on low to create a slightly crispy exterior.