How to choose the right CBD oil for you

When you browse our online store you will see four different types of CBD oil. We thought it might be helpful to explain the differences and which one is right for you.

In our store, you’ll find two hemp extracts and two hemp infusions. First we’ll break down the two hemp extracts.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oils – 20mg and 40mg options

Since we are all a bit different and our goals for these products are a bit mixed we wanted to create two strengths of our certified organic  CBD oil. These are both full spectrum hemp extracts, the only difference is the amount of actual milligrams of CBD in each one-ounce bottle. There are thirty one milliliter doses in each container and contain either 20mg or 40mg per dose depending on which strength you choose.

Our 20mg tincture is a great starting point for folks just looking for a bit of stress relief in their daily routine and a sense of overall well being. With heavier or more significant ailments the 40mg formula may be better suited for you. To start we would recommend splitting your daily dose between morning with coffee or breakfast and evening with dinner. Be very consistent for 7-10 days and increase your dose if you are not feeling the desired effects.

Silverthorn Farm Day Formula CBD Oil

Day and Night Formulas – 40mg Hemp Infusion CBD Oils

These 40mg CBD oils are exciting formulas because they are actually infusions rather than extractions. The infusion is a very simple process by which pure hemp flower is infused directly into a certified organic MCT oil. The final product carries many of the the characteristics of the original hemp flower. A good analogy would be that an infusion is like a smoothie made from fresh veggies where and extraction is like a formulated supplement shake.

Both have great benefits and we are excited to share them with you.

Our day formula is created from a pure sativa hybrid hemp plant called “Suver Haze”. Sativa type plants within the cannabis family are known for their energizing and uplifting effect and it works perfectly for our day formula.

Our night formula is made from a pure indica hybrid hemp plant called “Jupiter’s Midwestern”. Indica can have very calming and relaxing properties perfect for evening when you are ready to unwind.

Most day I take a full dose of the day formula first thing in the morning and a full dose of the night formula at dinner. This has worked great for me overall. On days when I am extra sore or stressed I will have a third dose in the middle of the day around lunch. I am a 200-pound person so my overall dose may be very different than another 100-pound person. But we each have different levels of pain and or anxiety that we are dealing with. The key is to be consistent and adjust you dosing levels to see what is right for you.

Hemp Flower

You will also see lots of hemp flower available in different sizes and 6 varieties along with pre-rolled hemp flower. Why craft hemp flower and what do you do with it? The term “smokeable” hemp is often used, but I tend to prefer consumeable or craft flower. These are the buds from the hemp plant, this is where all of the cannnabinoids, terpenes, and flavinoids are produced. Remember that hemp is identical to its cousin marijuana except for one compound, THC. Hemp flower contains less than .3% delta 9 THC, marijuana is anything above .3%, although most marijuana strains today are well above 20% THC.

High CBD hemp flower is used by folks making their own tinctures and salves at home, just the same as any other herb you may be used to working with in the kitchen. It is great to add to butters and use within various foods to gain your daily dose of CBD.  Many folks enjoy smoking high CBD hemp as well. Although it will not get you high, it does give you a dose of CBD directly into your blood stream. PTSD clients find great relief from smoking hemp flower.