About Silverthorn Farm

Silverthorn Farm, owned and operated by Nate & Emily Parks, is a small, diversified vegetable and small animal farm located on 120 acres of land in northern Clinton county, near Rossville, Indiana. The farm has been in Emily’s family for generations. 240 acres were originally purchased by her great, great, great grandfather William Silverthorn in 1864. 120 of those original acres remain in the family. For decades the property was rented and farmed conventionally but we are committed to returning the land to a sustainable approach. We feel honored and blessed to be able to farm this piece of land and restore the farm’s original name.

Nate was lucky enough to grow up on a highly diversified farm. Both grandfathers, his dad and his uncle were farmers. Dad and Grandpa farmed together while he was growing up, raising cows, pigs, hay, beans, seed corn, wheat, oats and even melons for a short time. He remembers how well that farm worked as a closed loop of plants feeding animals and animals feeding plants. All of this made the decision to become organic farmers a very easy one for Silverthorn Farm.

Today we are farming on about 20 acres of the family property and grow more than 40 different types of vegetables with 200+ varieties. We use organic growing methods without any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. All things work in harmony on our farm – feeding the animals, plants and soil in a sustainable cycle, season after season.

Nate Parks
Co-owner, Farmer

Born and raised in rural Montgomery County, Nate grew up on a small farm in Darlington working with his dad and grandpa. His passion for farming shows through the high quality, healthy food we produce by raising our vegetables and meat naturally.

Emily Parks

Emily Parks
Co-owner, Business Manager

Emily was born and raised in Rossville, Indiana. Growing up, her mom and dad always kept a garden, and raised as much of their food as possible. Her support and passion for a healthy lifestyle has helped make our farming dream a possibility.