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Brussel Sprouts with Cinnamon-Sage Persimmon Sauce & Candied Walnuts

Persimmons are such a wonderful and uniquely flavorful fruit that a lot of people seem to overlook. They grow on trees here in Indiana and are a fantastic fruit to transform into a paste. This paste can be canned or frozen to create recipes all winter long and into the spring; like cookies, bread-pudding, jelly, […]

Zucchini Summer Noodles

makes 1 side Ingredients 1 small Silverthorn zucchini, spiraled into noodles 2 cloves Silverthorn garlic, finely diced 2 Tablespoons Gold Crop Nutrition sunflower oil Meadow Valley Farm sharp cheddar cheese 3-4 Silverthorn cherry tomatoes, sliced into wedges Silverthorn parsley or basil himalayan salt pepper   Directions Begin by heating up sunflower oil and garlic into […]