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A Mother’s Day Post that’s All about Emily – from Nate’s Point of View

Mother Earth. Mother Nature. Women have long been associated with the art and science behind the world of agriculture, and in the past few decades the number of women in America who are farm owners and operators has exploded. And yet, there’s still a strong perception of farmers as men. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, […]

Silverthorn Member Story: Jennifer Robbins

For many of us, every day is whirlwind of “must-dos” and finding time to shop and cook healthfully can feel like just another series of agonizing chores. But help is just a click away when you’re a Silverthorn Farm member! Bringing you the very best seasonal, farm-fresh foods as conveniently as possible is central to […]

Heart and Soul: The Fuel that Runs a Farm

What Is a farm? The answer seems simple enough—a place where food is grown. But talk to Nate Parks, co-owner of Silverthorn Farm, and he’ll give you a deeper perspective. “We’re a farm,” he says, “but what does that mean? It means we have greenhouse production, seedling production, field production, a crew, a processing facility […]