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Creamy Celeriac Root

This recipe is delicious, creamy, healthy and an excellent twist to a mashed potato dish to impress some family and friends.   Ingredients 3 Silverthorn medium to large celeriac root-bulb, peeled and cubed 8 Silverthorn garlic cloves, peeled 4 cups of chicken broth 3 Tbsp grass-fed butter 2 Silverthorn medium german butterball potatoes, cubed 1 […]

Juice with Cilantro for Major Health Benefits


Cilantro is one of those amazing foods that does wonders for your body. Like removing heavy metals! Some of the most common warning signs that you are struggling with heavy metal toxicity include: Chronic fatigue Autoimmune disease Neurological disorders Brain Fog Depression, Bi-polar and Anxiety Dementia Insomnia Heavy metals are hiding in lots of things that […]