Silverthorn Farm Custom Seedling Production

Silverthorn Farm is founded on decades of organic production experience with specialty crop seedlings for field grown and greenhouse grown crop production. We only work with varieties proven to be capable of producing total THC in compliance with state and federal guidelines. Our facility and seedling production is certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program.

Our Feminized Seedlings

We offer 72 count and 50 count square cell standard flats for easiest field transplant. We use a standard peat/perlite blend with an organic compliant starter fertility package. Deep cell 72 count flats are special order.

We believe early seedling root development is critical to a thriving crop. The taproot developed by seedlings results in superior anchoring, water, and nutrient relationships with your soils. Quality feminized seed will provide a 99.9% female population for minimal male plant removal.

Our Seedling Order Program

Silverthorn highly recommends certain characteristics are considered when choosing your varieties, including; total cannabinoids, very low delta-9 THC, and compliant Total THC levels. We will take the time to be able to help with variety recommendations for your specific production system, available equipment and labor, and your goals for an end product.

Experience shows that full term feminized seed plugs can be planted over a wide window in the Midwest, from late May to Early July for standard yield, and even later for harvest extension.

Silverthorn offers convenient delivery options or on farm pick-up. We offer weekly pickup or delivery days Monday thru Saturday. The plants will be fully hardened and watered at delivery.

Please be prepared to address irrigating the flats at your operation in the event that field conditions require delay. The plugs should be planted within 10 days of delivery.

A deposit on your flats is required to order seed. Half of the invoice is due on receipt. Failure to pay the deposit will result in delay until received. The second half is due on acceptance and transfer of the flats.

We offer a discounted rate if we do not source your seed. A non propagation agreement will be included in all sales contracts issued.

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